Chinese Valentine's Day (Qi Xi Festival) Gift Ideas in Singapore


The Qi Xi Festival (Double Seventh Festival) is also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day. This festival originated from the story of two lovers - Niulang and Zhinu (Cowherd and Weaver Girl) where they were separated on two ends of the Milky Way and could only meet annually on the seventh day of the seventh month in lunar calendar.

On this day, the magpies formed a bridge for the couple to walk over the Milky Way which portrays a bittersweet love where two lovers can only come together once a year. These days, Qi Xi Festival is usually celebrated in the same manner as Valentine's Day, with meals, flowers and gifts. Surprise your loved ones with a unique and meaningful gift on this Qi Xi Festival to show your appreciation and love in Singapore! 💖

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Wishing a very Happy Qixi Festival to everyone!

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