Sipster Flower Teas - Double Health Boost - Personalised

Sipster Flower Teas - Double Health Boost - Personalised

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Description :

2 flower tea bottles packed in a simple yet pretty red kraft box.
Select 2 tea flavours of your choice. A tag will be added to match the message on card.
If no selection made, default mix : Lavender and Camomile.
Each flower has its great taste and health benefits!
We have tested the flowers for heavy metals (eg. lead) and pesticides.

Delivery Fine Print :

  • Item will be delivered within 3-5 working days

Tea details :

Rose (30g): (OUT OF STOCK)

Calms the mind and elevates your mood.
Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, promotes healthy skin and hair.
Improves digestion and relieves menstrual cramps.
Treats mild urinary tract infection.
Borage (15g)

Boosts immunity.
Packed with healthy nutrients - essential fatty acids and Vitamin C.
Gets rid and prevents symptoms related to colds and flus: coughs, chest pains, sore throat.
Lowers fever: properties that stimulate sweat glands to cool body, keeps temperature in control
As a sedative: Reduces stress, nervousness and anxiety, eases depression and mood swings
Removes toxins (good for liver) and releases excess liquid retained by body.
Camomile (40g):

Reliefs migraine and promotes sleep.
Reliefs irritable bowel syndrome.
Soothes stomach and mentrual cramps.
Boosts immunity system.
Controls diabetes
Orange Blossom (34g):

Hypnotic and Tranquilizing.
A nervine and sedative drink to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
Treats stomach upset and promote digestion.
Lavender (30g):

Sooth your body and mind.
Lowers stress hormones level.
Promotes restful sleep.
Gives relief from insomnia & apnea.
Aids in digestion (bloating, flatulence, upset stomach).
Avoid consumption when pregnant.
Blue Mallow (20g):

Relieves fatigue, sore throat.
Relieves respiratory system.
Eliminates bad breath.
Lowers cholesterol.
Improves digestion.
Relieves constipation.