Majulah Hamper - Curated Healthy Snacks & Drinks

Majulah Hamper - Curated Healthy Snacks & Drinks

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  • Type: Food, Snacks & Beverage


Gifts do not have to be expensive, it's the thought that counts. It's quite hard to find a great gift, so how about some healthy snacks and drinks? It's tasty, practical and it shows them that you care a lot about their health, which is something you can't restore with any amount of money.

Plus, this gift is definitely value for money with the variety you will get!

Product Includes: 

  • 150g Merlion Butter Cookies

    • Do you want to do a Merlion? We promise you won't vomit or spit out any of our snacks because they are buttery soft and addictively good. The beautiful shape of a Merlion is characteristic of our Sunny Singapore, and we are so proud of this mascot! Try this snack so you can keep a Merlion in your pocket and eat them too.
    • Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Palm Oil, Milk Powder, Ammonium bicarbonate, Salt, Sodium Metabisulphite
    • Country of origin: Singapore
  • 150g Nasi Lemak Tapioca Chips

    • Only in local flavours would you find ikan bilis in our nuts and also our crackers! Something like nasi lemak where you get both chilli and ikan bilis, these delightful flavours can also be found in tapioca chips! You get the crunch from the tapioca crackers, the spices from the chilli powder and the savoury oomph from the ikan bilis, it's really a powerful combination!
    • Ingredients: Tapioca, sugar, chilli, salt, palm oil, tamarind, onion, E126 and E110 artificial colourings, ikan bilis, peanuts, garlic
    • Country of origin: Singapore
  • 150g Nostalgic Iced Gem
    • Every kid's favourite and all adults have fond childhood memories of this colourful treats. It brings a smile to us when we know you have been asking for this old school snack and we have just got to fulfill your nostalgic demands! The sweet icing combined with the crunchy biscuits makes for a good snack, perfect for a birthday party or celebration.
    • No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used
    • Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, ammonium and sodium bicarbonate, egg, salt, soy lecithin, food colouring (E102, E110, E124, E133)
    • Country of origin: Singapore
  • 150g Curly String Biscuits
    • Is it a braid? Is it a rope? No, it's the curly string biscuits! It's a classic old school biscuits well loved by people with strong teeth. Not to worry, this version is less hard but will crumble with each crispy bite and leaves behind the taste of natural, wholesome buttery flavour! Perfect to dunk in a cup of coffee!
    • No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used
    • Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, salt, cooking oil, butter
    • Country of origin: Malaysia
  • 150g Crunchy Cashew Cookies
    • The number 1 snack to finish first during festivals - The cashew nut cookies! It's really crunchy and creamy but why wait till the festivals? Now you can have them any time you want so you can enjoy the lingering, nutty flavour and fragrant buttery taste! The aroma of baked cashew nuts combined with the fresh cookies ensure that you definitely can't resist going for a second helping.
    • No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used
    • Ingredients: Wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, cashew nuts, egg powder, ammonium and sodium bicarbonate, salt, vanilla powder
    • Country of origin: Malaysia
  • 150g Curry Tapioca Chips
    • Tapioca chips are harder and does not crumble as easily as potato chips. If you like to chew your chips and enjoy the taste of each bite, you will definitely prefer tapioca chips. This tantalising curry flavour is something even the potato chips cannot handle! The light and crispy texture combined with the addictive, shiok flavour, can you handle it? Try some now!
    • No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used'
    • Ingredients: Tapioca, chilli powder, palm oil, salt
    • Country of origin: Malaysia
  • 80g Couch Potato Wheel Crackers
    • Ah, the classic old school potato wheel crackers! They are well loved by everyone due to the light seasoning on the fluffy and tender texture of the crackers. A note of caution is you will become a couch potato and keep eating these wheel crackers while enjoying movies. The interesting shape of the wheels makes it a delightful snacks ideal for sharing. Round and round, round and round, share the snacks, round and round!
    • Ingredients: Wheat flour, potato starch, salt, sugar, palm oil, permitted flavouring
    • Country of origin: Malaysia
  • 200g Shiok Salted Egg Peanuts
    • I hear you, baked nuts are healthy but boring. For parties, you need salted and roasted nuts that can go well with drinks and alcohol. Roasting with salt enhances their nutty flavour and bring out the unique taste of the nuts, but using salted egg alleviates the taste to a whole new umami level! The crunchiness of peanuts and the saltiness of the flavour combines to give an extremely addictive snack, plus the flavourful seaweed flakes.... You just won't stop until you finish the whole bag!
    • Ingredients: Peanuts, flour, salted egg yolk seasoning, seaweed, sugar, salt
    • Country of origin: Malaysia
  • Choose 2 of  your favourite drinks

    • Mango Passion Kombucha (Remedy) 250ml
    • Wild Berry Kombucha (Remedy) 250ml
    • Raspberry Lemonade Kombucha (Remedy) 250ml
    • Lemon Lime Kombucha (Remedy) 250ml
    • Afternoon Straight Tea No Sugar (Kirin) 500ml
    • Afternoon Milk Tea (Kirin) 500ml
    • Pearl of the Orient with Lychee (Gryphon) 300ml
    • Osmanthus Sencha with Passionfruit (Gryphon) 300ml
    • Earl Grey Lavender Tea with Strawberry (Gryphon) 300ml
    • Chamomile Dream Tea with Apple (Gryphon) 300ml
    • Nitro Black Coffee (Minor Figures) 200ml
    • Nitro Mocha (Minor Figures) 200ml
    • Nitro Latte (Minor Figures) 200ml
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  • The vendor is not responsible for delays caused by courier service.
  • Islandwide delivery.