General FAQ & Refund Policy

About Giftr

Giftr is an online marketplace for gifts connecting people around the world to sell and buy gift related products. We aim to be the go-to destination for gift seekers to solve their gifting needs.

Finding Your Gift

I can't find a gift I'm looking for. What can I do?
Chat with us and our team will assist you to find the perfect gift!

The vendor does not deliver to my area. What do I do?
Fret not! Chat with us and our team will assist you to find the similar gift on our store that's available in your area, or if not find you the closest match possible!

How long can the item last?
As flowers, cakes, balloons (last approx up to 8 hours), chocolates are highly perishable items, we do not have a promised shelf life as all items are non-preserved and is recommended to only pickup/deliver the item on the date you wish to send to the receiver. Any early collection customer is solely responsible to ensure the freshness/condition of the item for the use of next day.

Finding Your Order

How do I view my order details?

Upon successful payment, you will receive an Order Confirmation email which you will be able to see the details of your shipping address, billing address, item, delivery date (if selected), and card message. You may also login to your Giftr account, and you may click on the order ID and you will be able to see the order details.

What happens if I inserted the wrong billing address?
We absolutely do not send any bills out, therefore do not worry about the billing address. However, it is important to let us know the correct billing address(your's) phone number and the shipping address(receiver's) phone number receiver's phone number to ensure successful delivery and for us to contact you in case of any emergency.

What does Unfulfilled means?
Unfulfilled means that the item has not been shipped out (courier service items) or, has not been delivered (on-demand delivery items). If the item has been delivered for on-demand items, status will be changed to Fulfilled and you will receive an e-mail notifying you on successful delivery.
For items shipped via courier, status of order will be changed to Fulfilled when the item is shipped out and a tracking number would be given in the email which you may click on Track your Order in the email.

Price & Payment

Are the prices sold on Giftr same as the prices sold at vendor's stores?
Absolutely! For items that are on our marketplaces (sold and fulfilled by vendor), we assure that the prices are the same as sold by vendors themselves. (Note: not applicable for item sold and fulfilled by Giftr)

Why are some of the prices fulfilled and sold by vendor different from the prices sold on the vendor's stores?
This is because our prices are inclusive of delivery to the areas / zones you have selected. Nevertheless, the total amount will sum up to be the same. (Note: not applicable for item sold and fulfilled by Giftr)

What are the payment methods available?
Our default payment method is PayPal, which is a worldwide secured online payment system.

I don't have online banking / credit card. Can I deposit cash into your account?
Yes you may! However, do chat with our team for further assistance.

How will I know if my order is successful?

All successful orders will receive an email notification informing you that your order has been confirmed. In your Order Confirmation email, you will be able to see the details of your shipping address, billing address, item, delivery date (if selected), and card message.

Substitution Policy

For on-demand creative designed gifts such as flowers or bouquets, vendor will do their best to ensure item is as similar as possible to the picture. However, flower/ wrapper/ ribbon/ other contents' stock may vary daily and there are times that particular flowers may run out of stock. Therefore, vendor will replace with other similar flower/ wrapper/ ribbon/ other similar content (either by type or by colour) while maintaining the overall look of the flower. Rest assured that value of the item will remain the same / higher.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Orders can only be canceled/refunded if the item is not yet in production / not been prepared and not shipped out. A SGD5 processing fee will be imposed for all cancellations due to change in decision.

Strictly no refund / cancellation allowed 48 hours before as items are made to order specially for you. If the item has been processed for you, no refund is possible.

Changes of card message to an order can only be made min. 48 hours in advance provided the item has not been processed / shipped out.

Any damages to the item must be flagged to Giftr team within 24 hours upon successful delivery.

If a gift is damaged during shipping, vendor will be responsible to replace the same item. In the event an item is not available, we will replace an item with similar value from the same vendor. Refund for Paypal will take 7-14 working days.


Strictly no returns are possible. If you have received a defective item / an incorrect item, returns need to be made as vendor will be making a correct replacement of the item. Shipping fee to return the item will be borne by vendor.