Big Mickey & Minnie in Glass

Big Mickey & Minnie in Glass

Sold By Mistereal Collection

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  • Type: Preserved Flower



Mistereal Flower

  • 100% REAL flowers that is imported from Japan
  • Flowers preserved using Japan technology, can last for 10 years
  • Flowers with Magical Effect
  • When environment is wet, 
  • Flowers will close up 
  • When environment is hot & dry,
  • Flowers will open back
  • Very easy to take care
  • No need watering
  • No need sunlight
  • Glass bottle
  • Metal black stand
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Bottle Size: 12 x 13cm
  • Stand Size: 23cm height
  • Flowers can survive by absorbing water vapor in air

Delivery Fine Print.

  • Item delivery takes 7 working days. Vendor is not responsible for delays caused by courier service.
  • Nationwide delivery

How to take care of the flowers:

  • No watering is required as these flowers can survive by absorbing water vapor in air.
  • No need sunlight. Can be put in any indoor places
  • Put the flowers under the sun for half an hour after you receive it , then you can take it back indoor.
  • Flowers’ petals will close a bit when environment is humid and flowers open when environment is dry.
  • You can test the magical effect of the flowers by putting 1 spray/ 2-3 drops of water on the flowers.
  • After watering, wait for 15 minutes and u MUST put the flowers under hot sun for half an hour or else the flower might not open back.
  • If there is no sun, you can use hair dryer to blow from distance for 10 minutes until all flowers dried and open back.